You are a Utility or an Oil & Gas Company

You need to manage your risk and exposure to regulations, market changes, asset and operational failures.

You need a risk system with real-time panoramic view of risk and actionable intelligence to enable you to:

  • Report on your risk posture to the Board and Investors; and
  • Make critical decisions.

You are an Energy Investor or an Insurer

You don't just rely on financial disclosures, market risks, and management’s track record.

You need a deeper visibility into your portfolio beyond ledgers and commodity risk to determine your risk appetite.

You need access to a real-time intelligence platform with current view and the outlook on risk and performance of assets; in light of regulatory changes, operational failures, management shakeups, …

Risk Mosaic Point of View

The Changing Energy Boardrooms

Energy Security, Climate Change, and Affordable Demand are driving a cataclysmic change in an industry that is fundamental to economic growth.
While investments in infrastructure, modernization, and alternative sources have steadily improved our ability to bring efficiency and produce more with less, the net operational and financial gains fall short of their potential, presenting...


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