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Actionable Intelligence fuel Reliability and Resilience
... and higher Return on Energy Assets.
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We partner with:
  • Energy Companies to turn Risk Management to Intelligence Operation and a Revenue Center to enable real-time incident response, improved recovery capabilities, and enhanced risk distribution and borrowing capacity.
  • Energy Investors to transform Investment Due Diligence to Proactive Portfolio Risk Management beyond ledgers and financial disclosures to enable sound investment decisions.
Empowered by Risk Mosaic ENa™, the leading Energy Industry Reliability Blueprint, we construct your Infrastructure Resilience Architecture based on the following components:
  • Energy Risk Architecture
  • Data Optimization Architecture
  • Infrastructure Resilience
  • Control
  • Criticality
  • Bandwiths
  • Physical Perimeter
  • Technical Perimeter
  • Intellectual Perimeter
Risk Mosaic Professional™ is a modular energy intelligence software platform, providing insights to energy CEOs, boardrooms as well as energy investment professionals for proactive risk mitigation and informed investment decisions.
Risk Mosaic Professional™
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  1. Market data that is readily available.
  2. Risk Architecture drives your risk distribution models!
  3. Asset Criticality Analysis
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Investors bank on Return on Energy Assets!
Open Data bring traceability to Risk and Performance of your Assets
Energy and Utilities
To enhance your risk distribution and borrowing capacity, you need:
  • An Intelligence Operation; an enhanced risk management and risk visualization capability beyond heatmaps and current risk models;
  • To Maximize Return on Assets with real time visibility to critical assets.
  • Risk Statements and advanced reporting to the Board and Investors for a collective and informed decision making.
Risk Mosaic Brisk™:
  • Easy to deploy
  • Interactive Interface
  • Cloud-based Risk Data Repository
  • Comprehensive Risk Analytics
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Proprietary Risk Architectures
  • Turning countless sources of data to actionable insight
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Transforming Energy Investment Due Diligence
Energy Investors
To ensure sound investment decisions, in response to market changes, and to satisfy the changing regulatory mandates, energy investors need:
  • Deeper investment analysis,
  • Proactive risk management process, and
  • Streamlined information management infrastructure.

Risk Mosaic Spot™:
  • Energy Risk Analysis
  • A Desktop And Mobile Solution
  • An Interactive Hosted Software Platform
  • Single view with easy access to largest repository of utility risk data
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What is Energy Reliability?

As financial book-keeping and ledgers set the groundwork for modern accounting and financial planning, Risk Mosaic ENa™ is the leading energy risk due diligence framework.

Amplifying our current knowledge and intuition on risk modeling and risk management, and enabled with machine learning and intelligent design, Risk Mosaic ENa™ offers:

  • Reliability analytics as key performance metric of power supply operations,
  • Scalable and enhanced visual perception,
  • Comprehension of risks and rewards,
  • Adapting to the changing regulatory and political environment, and
  • Complex decision making.

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Risk Mosaic ENa™ intelligent process combine datasets about critical assets such as flow rates and bandwidths with the natural environment to transform the way we run and optimize our operations.
Shahriar Beigi
Chief Executive Officer
David Cavaye
Special Advisor
Lord MacLaurin
Special Advisor

David Cavaye
Special Advisor

Mr. Cavaye is a Special Advisor to Risk Mosaic, providing leadership and guidance to all aspects of the business strategy and operations.

A highly respected authority with over 25 years of experience in investment management and strategy, Mr. Cavaye joined C Hoare & Co, the oldest independent private bank in the United Kingdom, in 2000. Having led the Investment Strategy since 2004, he was named Chief Investment Officer in 2010 and served in that role until 2015. Over this time he led the investment performance and the Bank’s assets under management saw an almost 10-fold increase.

Prior to C Hoare & Co, Mr Cavaye served as a Director at Martin Currie Investment Management in Edinburgh, specialising in managing income and Charity portfolios.

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and the CFA Society of the U.K. (ASIP), Mr. Cavaye serves as the Vice Chairman of the Westminster Amalgamated Charity and is a Trustee and Director of the St Brides Appeal among a number of other charitable foundations and a family trust. He also assists a number of voluntary organisations in investment matters including a London City Livery Company.

Lord MacLaurin
Special Advisor

Lord MacLaurin is one of the most respected Chairmen of any British company in recent decades. A member of the House of Lords, he is an outspoken champion for entrepreneurship and personal enterprise.

Formerly Chairman of Tesco, he pioneered the company’s transformative rise to a global corporate brand and the UK’s most competitive superstore network. As Chairman of Vodafone, he took the company to the tenth largest in the world in a period of just 18 months.

Lord MacLaurin is a Member of the Advisory Board of the School of Management of the University of Bath and Chairman of the charity Hope for Tomorrow.

Shahriar Beigi
Chief Executive Officer

Shahriar Beigi is the founder and chief executive officer of Risk Mosaic. For the past 15 years, Shahriar has been an advisor, director, and a consultant, working with a broad range of public and private companies throughout the US, Europe and Africa on matters of risk, compliance, and asset management. He served on advisory boards of privacy and compliance committees of global companies, advised a broad range of organizations worldwide and executed on their risk, compliance, and security strategies in managing their critical infrastructure.

Shahriar has been a frequent speaker at the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Identity and Access Management Conference, CA World, and International Association of Internal Auditors. He is also the author of numerous papers on risk architecture design, return on security investments, and compliance. Shahriar studied at Harvard and is a graduate of Cornell University.

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